About the Book

“I loved “Successful Failure” and its many relevant stories!  After reading it I went to the bookstore to see if there was anything like it; there wasn’t.  This is a unique and well-written approach to an important subject.”

Bob Burke, Author of over 100 books

Our biggest failures in life – though painful and something we would never want to repeat – often end up being the best things that ever happened to us. So why do we keep failing at failure?

After not keeping score in Little League games, bailouts for businesses, and “bad credit/no problem” financing schemes, a new reality is setting in.  As the world wrestles with failure in our economy, in relationships, our homes, and more, author Devery Youngblood argues that failure helps us eliminate what does not work and gives us incentive to take the more challenging road of strength.  We learn, not from being rescued (though it is temporarily more pleasing), but from developing the tools to rescue ourselves.  Far from an inherent negative, failure is actually a needed feedback device that teaches us how to be successful.

In this wise and honest book the author talks openly about failures of the famous as well as his own – from marriage to money, from turning around a city to facing life-and-death health choices.  Far from disengaged theory, this is a look at failure from the inside, told in a refreshingly upbeat, positive manner that will take you on a journey through tears and laughter - from sadness to genuine hope.



Successful Failure